As a journalist, I’ve written extensively about banking, tech, entrepreneurship, and some about sustainability, art and travel. You can see some of my articles here. As a marketing writer I’ve worked for clients ranging from the EPA to the University of Texas, from human resources and recruiting to data integration technology and from acupuncture clinics to coffee companies.

Why not one specialty?

Think of words as a medium…like paint. A painter doesn’t want to just paint one thing…even Degas got sick of painting ballerinas. I love bending language effectively, speaking in the voice of the company, making sure I hit on the right message and appeal to a very particular audience. As a writer, that’s fun for me. My expertise isn’t writing about one topic or in one genre….it’s collecting information and weaving that into a message that goes straight to the heart of the person I want to be affected by it. In the case of my content clients that’s their customers.

No Pop-Ups

As a bit of a neuroscience geek, I know there are things you can do in your content marketing to push people into interacting with you–once. Pop-ups, for example. My theory is, those people might sign up for the newsletter or download the whitepaper, but once that pop-up urgency is gone, they’ll unsubscribe and feel a little manipulated. I work best with the kinds of clients who are more interested in thought leadership, providing value in their content that generates inbound results because they’re focused on the relationship and a reputation with long-tail results.  

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