“Buyers know the difference between great content and a blatant sales pitch. “

Get Content: Get Customers–Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett

For the moment, forget SEO and all the magical back-end stuff people do to get you to the top of Google search. This is about CONTENT. From a content perspective these days, he who produces the most useful, practical, best-written content wins. That’s what Google’s looking for. Keywords are just the smallest part. Your content has to represent your quality and expertise powerfully. It is about connecting with the customers you want when they click on your website, your blog or your email.  So what should your content do?

Tell Them What You Do

Nobody has time to dink around. Tell them what you make or sell or do. Make it clear. Make it fast.

Woo Your Customer

Everyone is not your customer. There are some customers you love and others you wish would go away. Your content has to show the soul of your organization to the ones you love by telling your story in language, a tone, that appeals to them. That’s an art.

Inspire Action

You want them to call you. Or click the button. Or fill out the form. Whatever. Your content has to say: We get your pain point. We have your answer. Contact us. Make it easy for them to act in the moment, not jump through a bunch of hoops. Like this…

Write My Content

Let's go!

“Susan is FANTASTIC to work with! Susan has helped me write content for my business and was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is detail oriented, strives to fully understand the ideas you’re trying to convey, and really gets it. I will absolutely be hiring Susan again in the near future. I highly recommend Susan for any of your content and writing needs.”

Anne Pritchard Grady