What would you say if everyone was listening?

If everyone was listening and you had the chance to tell people about your organization would you say: we provide great value? Or would you find the thing that really sets your organization apart, the thing that others can’t replicate because it comes from a burning human desire to make a difference? Maybe that’s to provide solutions that help customers reach higher levels of success or to use technology to free up people’s time. The world “meets” you through your content.

Research shows we make decisions with our limbic, or emotional brain, then justify that decision with logic–not the other way around. That’s just how humans are, even at work. If people choose the product or service with the lowest cost, the emotion driving them is probably fear. But if your marketing touches a different emotion, like inspiration or aspiration, and you provide value,  that’s impact. 

I have years of business journalism experience combined with years of writing content for myriad audiences and industries–some of them highly regulated. My motivation is to help organizations and individuals identify that inspiring point of human connection that drives business relationships, and then create fun, interesting, useful content around it. Books, web content, articles, white papers, blogs–what do you want to communicate? I can help.